Who is MELU

MELU is designed to be a premium quick-service health bar founded on the principle that everyone needs wholesome but effective ways to obtain essential nutrients. We understand the difficulty of proper nourishment in today’s busy and demanding world. That is why we are dedicated to deliver a healthy alternative to fast food so that our customers don’t have to compromise their health for productivity.

What MELU Offers

We offer naturally formulated cold-pressed juices, housemade nut mylks, hot health bowls including different rice and zoodle (zucchini noodle) bowls, smoothies, detox waters, salads, overnight oatmeals, chia puddings, health bars, and other remarkably fresh and natural goodies packed with easily digestible raw vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes. We try to use as much unique and superfood ingredients as possible and we truly believe the countless health benefits these plant-based foods and beverages bring. With MELU, you will find raw, unpasteurized, vegan, and gluten-free options that fit everyone’s dietary desires.

MELU works very hard to change the consensus that healthy foods and beverages are less tasty and boring. Our products are not only presented in an interesting way, they are also incredibly delicious with zero additives, preservatives, sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavoring, coloring or any unhealthy or processed ingredients. Likewise, each of our juices and smoothies contains around 2 - 3 lbs of fresh produce without any added ice or water.

MELU’s Vision & Mission

MELU aims to become a healthy oasis, delivering a positive, vibrant, and comfortable atmosphere. Our goal is to make healthy foods extremely delicious, unique, and interesting. We wish to bring you back to the healthy primitive diet - unprocessed fruits and vegetables. With this, we hope to pull you away at least a moment a day from your fast-moving, hectic, and demanding lives, to nourish you with the simplicity, balance, inner peace, and health you deserve. MELU’s vision is to influence not just individuals, but communities, to embark on our positive journey to become more health-conscious and self-loving.

What is “cold-pressed” ?

It has been proven that heat and oxidation promote denaturation of the vital enzymes and nutrients in fresh produce. This is the result from using a rotary blade regular/centrifuge juicer. Cold pressed, on the other hand, slowly and thoroughly extracts juices from fresh fruits and vegetables with absolutely no heat and minimal exposure to oxygen using 6 tons of press weight, thereby preserving all the health-giving properties, live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and other vital nutrients.

How are cold-pressed juices different from other juices ?

There are commonly two types of “other” juices - the ones that you buy from grocery stores and the fresh ones you buy from a non-cold-pressed juice store. The first type is pasteurized for maximum shelf life. This pasteurization involves cooking the juice at very high temperature and then cooling it to kill microbial bacteria. Unfortunately, pasteurization also kills vital vitamins, minerals, and living enzymes. As a result, this type of juices relatively has the least health properties and generally contains numerous flavorings, colorings, juice concentrates, high fructose corn syrup, additives, preservatives, and bunch of other ingredients difficult to even pronounce. These juices despite having its fruity taste, retain very little nutrient value.

The juices you purchase from juice bars that are not cold-pressed are generally made using a centrifugal or rotary juicer like ones most people use at home. This centrifugal juicing method promotes oxidation due to heat and oxygen generated in the extraction process, all of which kills essential nutrients and enzymes. Because of the minimal friction, heat, and oxidation achieved by the cold-pressed method, cold-pressed juices have a significantly higher nutrient content than those made from centrifugal juicers. Although making juices using the centrifugal method costs less and requires less labor and time, the quality of its juice produced by high speeds and rough extraction has no comparison to a cold-pressed juice.

Some juice bars also blend fresh produce with store-bought boxed juices or fruit purees in their beverages, which result in an even lower nutritional level mixed with additives and preservatives from the preprocessed juice. It is important to be wise about your purchases.

Why is MELU juice good for you ?

Each of our cold-pressed juice contains nothing but 2 - 3 lbs of fresh and raw fruits, roots, and vegetables. Imaging consuming all of that in solid form within one meal, that’s a whole lot of raw foods to chew ! By pressing these produce into liquid, you get instant nourishment from countless nutrients squeezed in one jar. Essential fruits and veggie count of the day can be accomplished within a couple easy and delicious minutes.

Which is better, juices or smoothies ?

Juicing and blending are both great ways to include a greater amount and variety of produce into our daily diet. The major difference between juices and smoothies is that, in juices, insoluble fiber/pulp is removed and in smoothies, they are not. You really can’t say one is better than the other. In smoothies, fiber slows the absorption of sugar, which prevents sugar spikes, but it also slows the absorption of nutrients. In juices, without insoluble fiber, the nutrients become more readily available for your body to absorb without stressing your digestive system to work as hard. Smoothies are more filling and juices are more recommended for detox purposes. Both of our cold-pressed juices and smoothies are nutrient dense powerhouses packed with equally beneficial ingredients, drink both !

Why are MELU juices only good for 4 days ?

Our bottled juices are 100% raw and unpasteurized in order to keep all the nutrients and live enzymes intact. We refrain from using any method that may sacrifice the quality of our juices for mass production or a longer shelf life. We make and bottle our juices daily to ensure the natural beauty of our fresh produces. Please keep your juice refrigerated and consume before the best before date for optimal freshness. Once you have opened a jar, however, we recommend that you consume that juice within 4 hours.

So what about sugar ?

It is important to make the distinction between added sugars and sugars that occur naturally in fresh produces. There’s no sweeteners or added sugar of any kind in our cold-pressed juices or smoothies. The sweetness of our juices and smoothies come from the ingredients’ naturally occurring sugar accompanied by live enzymes and minerals. This type of sugar is a vital source of energy for most people, it even promotes muscle strength. Natural sugar rises, but does not spike blood sugar levels of a healthy person. If you prefer a less sweet beverage, our green juices and smoothies might just be what you need. If you have any medical concerns regarding the natural sugar content in our products, please do consult a licensed nutritionist or your primary care taker.

So what about fiber ?

The general assumption that cold-pressed juices contain no fiber at all is faulty. There are two types of fiber, insoluble fiber and soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is the pulp being left behind after juicing. Soluble fiber actually remains in the juice doing what fiber does for your body - it balances your blood sugar level, brushes away impurities, and leaves you feeling full. It is much more gentle than insoluble fiber and requires less energy from your digestive system to process.

All types of fiber is important and we do get enough of both from the daily solid foods we eat. So it is okay to temporarily eliminate insoluble fiber for the purpose of detoxing, cleansing, hydrating, and restoring. Solid foods require hours of digestive activity before its nourishment becomes available for absorption. With the removal of fiber, protein, and fat, you are essentially fueling your body with pure nutrients.

So what about protein ?

A blind pursuit of excessive protein is one mistake many people make. Our body can actually only use a limited amount of protein, and whatever it can’t use is either stored as toxin or eliminated. Truth is, if you consume enough calories from a healthy diet (even vegan diet), you are most likely getting enough protein . Since all of our products are raw and vegan, the protein comes from the vegetables, roots, seeds, nuts, and fruits. Believe it or not, these plant-based ingredients are also excellent bioavailable forms of protein. If you are concerned about your protein intake, our selection of house-made nut mylks are delicious choices to suit your needs.

So what about calories ?

MELU advocates a wholesome and positive lifestyle, hence we do not believe in calorie counting or starving your body to lose weight. We want you to think of our products as nutrient dense formulas to nourish your body instead of weight loss solutions. It is also crucial to differentiate calories in processed foods and beverages vs. raw plant-based foods and beverages. Our products generally range from around 50 - 200 calories, and each of these calories are packed with some health benefits, while the calories in processed foods are often poor source of nutrients that toxify the body. Moreover, your body automatically craves less for unhealthy foods once you established a habit of healthy eating. With this being said, we believe the most effective method of losing weight is to restrict as much processed foods as you can and start a fit and healthy life style. Do not eat less, just eat healthy !

Are MELU products meal replacements ?

Yes, most of our products, including beverages, are ideal or even made to replace your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are packed with more than enough nutrients to meet your health goals and keep you energetic. All of our solid items are made to be actual meals. Our beverages, although can be great meal replacements for those who are used to juice diet, some people might find themselves hungry. Smoothies and nut mylks are more effective in keeping you feeling full, while juices give you a more instant energy boost. MELU’s house-made Health Bars are great additions to any product. These are raw and guilt-free desserts / energy bars made fresh from raw nuts, fruits, and vegetables with zero added sugar.

Are MELU products raw, vegan, and gluten-free ?

MELU strives to provide raw, vegan, and gluten free options to feed everyone’s dietary desires and health goals. Most of our products, including our overnight oatmeals, chia puddings, and health bars, are 100% raw in the sense that they have not been cooked, baked, or even heated in order to retain their optimal nutrient value. 

What type of packaging do you use ?

Most of our products, including solid items, are packaged in 100% endlessly recyclable glass jars. In response to our customer survey that took place before our opening, we worked very hard to find a perfect jar that suits everyone’s needs - glass, recyclable, easy to drink on the go, lighter than most 500ml glass containers, and fits in your car’s cup holder ! Majority of our other packaging and utensils are compostable, and when not possible, they are 100% recyclable :)

Do you deliver ?

Our cleanse packages and most of our menu items are free for in-store pick up. We offer delivery for a small fee within the following cities :

Vancouver and Richmond , $7.50

Barnaby, New Westminster, North and West Vancouver, $10

Delta, Port Moody, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, $15

Who is not suitable to consume MELU products ?

Because our juices are raw and unpasteurized, it is recommended that people with compromised immune-system, including pregnant ladies, should refrain from drinking cold-pressed juices. Please also note that our products are being produced in an environment that contains nuts, please do inquire with our staff as to whether a specific item is nut-free, and if uncertain, please consult your physician before consuming. If you have any medical or health concerns regarding any of our products, please do not hesitate to ask any member from our team the exact ingredients of any product, and seek your primary care provider prior to consuming our beverages and foods.

"NOTE: MELU Juice and Health Bar is not licensed to give medical advise or provide medicinal solutions. While our juices and cleanse programs offer great health benefits, they are not designed to cure medical conditions. Any information from MELU Juice and Health Bar and its staff shall not be interpreted as medical advice. If you have any medical or health concerns regarding any of our products, please do seek your primary care provider prior to consuming our beverages and foods. "