Meet Melu

We wholeheartedly believe that everyone needs a simple and effective way to enjoy the benefits of quality diet no matter how hectic life gets. So, as Vancouver’s premium juice and health bar, we offer a variety of plant based grab-and-go options that are fully packed with raw vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes to invigorate your body and mind.

Our cold-pressed juices are created using a hydraulic cold-press juicer to prevent any denaturation of enzymes and the loss of nutrients that occurs in other juicing methods due to heat and oxidation. All of our products are house-made with fresh and natural nutrient-dense ingredients to deliver the highest level of pure, raw, unpasteurized, vegan, and gluten-free goodness.

Incorporating unique ingredients inspired by the herbal therapy and using as many super foods in our menu as possible, we’ve formulated a variety of wholesome and delicious options to work in harmony with your busy schedule and dietary desires. Treat yourself positively, your body and mind will gratefully reciprocate with inner-peace, health, and happiness. And what more do you really need? Well, besides amazing juice!

Meet Angela

Loves: The outdoors, hiking, picnics, patio weather, dogs, that old book smell, and beets.

Hi, I’m Angela - one half of the MELU team. I had the good fortune of living in several cities around the world before completing my Master’s Degree at Stanford University and starting my career here in Vancouver. At that point, I was living on my own with an office job and, like so many young professionals, found it difficult and time-consuming to prepare a decent meal at home. Instead, I ate out almost everyday and soon I was feeling the effects of a diet lacking the fresh, raw, and wholesome foods. But then I discovered juicing and started to experience its transformative powers first-hand. Before I knew it my passion had become my addiction, and now I can’t wait to take you onto the same nourishing journey with me.

Meet melissa

Loves: Long walks with her son, exploring unique plant-based recipes, beautiful fresh produce, and farmers markets.

Hi, I’m Melissa - the other half of the MELU team. I grew up here, in beautiful Vancouver, and received my business degree from Simon Fraser University. I got a decent job right out of school but soon realized that my true passion was in the culinary and pastry arts. Knowing that I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t follow my dream, I decided to quit my job and return to school. Through my extensive culinary studies I became aware of the void of nutritious foods within the commercial sphere. I couldn’t believe how much sugar and other harmful ingredients were added to supposedly “healthy” foods. Hence, my desire and determination to create genuinely healthy products have been the driving force behind our thoughtfully and personally crafted menu.