Why is RAW good for you ?

March 02, 2016 Angela Luo

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What is raw food?

Raw food is, technically speaking, food that has not been heated above 48 degrees centigradeIt usually means uncooked food and foods that are in their raw state without any post processing. Most of foods that are edible in their raw state (almost all vegetables, fruits, and nuts) are weak to heat, meaning their nutritional value can be greatly decreased by high temperature. 

Raw and uncooked foods, on the other hand, provide living enzymes and proper nutrition.

Preserving Enzymes is the key.

Enzymes are biological molecules (typically proteins) that we all have in our bodies, essential to keeping us alive. They speed up the rate of all chemical reactions that take place within cells, such as digestion and metabolism. They break large molecules into smaller pieces to become easily absorbed by our bodies. 

There are normally five major nutrients we get from food sources :

  • protein
  • fat
  • vitamin
  • mineral
  • carbohydrate

Without enzymes to break things down, these nutrients can hardly benefit our bodies they way they should. Our body produces enzymes too, unfortunately though, the amount of those enzymes that our body can produce is limited. If we eat the food that requires a lot of digestive enzymes, such as processed food and junk food, our body cannot make enough enzymes to break them down properly. This is when we need to rely on raw foods that are packed with rich enzymes to help speed up the breaking down process for us.

What are the benefits?

In conclusion, raw foods = no heat to destroy enzymes = more enzymes in your body = we can expect these : 

・Your skin will have a much better appearance

・Your digestion will improve

・You will lose weight

・You will have more energy

・Your risk of developing heart and cardiovascular diseases will significantly drop

How to start & enjoy the benefits of raw food?

You might be wondering how to start to incorporate raw food into your diet. Actually, it is simple! You can start by incorporating more raw vegetable and fruits into your daily diet. When that gets bland or too much work, MELU offers 100% cold-pressed juices that are unpasteurized and raw (most regular juices are "cooked" during the prepping process, see THIS blog post to learn more). All of our health bars have also never been baked or heated to preserve the utmost level of nutrients.