Unique ingredients used in our cold pressed juices

January 30, 2016 Angela Luo

We’d like to do things a little differently to offer you an exceptional experience, so we use unique and nutritious ingredients and combination for our cold pressed juices.

Discover them!


  1. Jicama

Lots of customers ask us what is Jicama. Jicama, also known as yam bean, is a round, fleshy taproot vegetable from the bean family.

Its underground starchy root is one of the popular edible tuber-vegetables grown in many parts of Central American, South Asian, Caribbean, and some Andean South American regions. It's refreshing, crispy, ice-white, fruit-flavored; tastes very much like a water chestnut.

Health benefits

  • Because of its high vitamin C content, jicama is great for boosting the immune system, supporting eye and skin health.
    • Jicama has very low sodium and hardly any fat (around .01% of polyunsaturated fat per one medium size jicama root). Hence, they support heart health and maintenance of a healthy weight.
    • Due to containing low calories and being high in fiber, the root is a great tool for weight loss.

    ☆Our cold-pressed juice containing jicama → THE HULK , which you can find both in store and in our Juice Cleanses.

    1. Winter melon

    We displayed a winter melon in our display fridge before and attracted many curious attention. Winter melon, or Benincasa hispida, is a large Asian fruit that can grow beyond one foot long and weigh over 40 pounds.

    It resembles a large watermelon with its oblong shape and dark-green, waxy skin. Inside the flesh and seeds are white.

    Winter melon is often made as a soup in Asia, it tastes mildly sweet and has a spongy texture when cooked.

    Health benefits

  • The dietary fiber content of Winter melon reached 0.7%, which have effects to improve the level of blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and lipid levels, and prevent arteriosclerosis.
      • Winter melon is also great to reduce water retention and bloating.
  • It contains malonic acid, which inhibits the conversion of sugars into fat, preventing the accumulation of fat, avoid high blood pressure, and promotes weight loss.
  • The consumption of Winter melon seeds can inhibit the deposition of melanin in the body, which contributes to moisture skin and beauty. The seeds are also juiced in our juices.

  • Our cold-pressed juice containing winter melon  → WINTER WONDERLAND, , which you can find both in store and in our Juice Cleanses.

    1. Activated Bamboo Charcoal

    Bamboo charcoal is charcoal made from bamboo plants.  1 gram of bamboo charcoal has up to 600 square meters of surface area! One of the most powerful characteristics of activated bamboo charcoal is its ability to adsorb a very wide range of organic and inorganic substances from its environment and bring the toxic out from your body.

    Hospitals sometimes use charcoal as a cure to alcohol, drug, or food poisoning. It is hence a great detox , and even a hang over drink.

    Health Benefits

  • Charcoal binds the toxins in our body and helps expel them from our system. Thus consuming more charcoal infused food will logically help us detox.

  • ☆Our cold-pressed juice containing Bamboo Charcoal  → BLACK MAGIC